Sketch coloring book-Nostalgic Japanese townscape and retro scenery-Showa architecture and scenes-

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The fourth item in the “Sketch Coloring Book” series, which allows you to color pictures as if you were sketching a beautiful scenery, is a nostalgic retro scenery of Japan.

The coloring of the townscape and buildings with a taste that invites nostalgia and the scenery of the Showa period, drawn with clear lines with fluctuating outlines,
You can freely paint with a variety of painting materials such as colored pencils and watercolors.
Since the model is attached, it can be cut off and displayed on the forehead, or you can finish your work.

[List of published works]
1 Evening sunset (Yanaka)
2 Imperial Palace and Nijubashi
3 Rikkyo University
4 Harajuku Station
5 Tsukushima Cheonan Main Store
6 Onoya Sohonten
7 Kaminarimon
8 Sensoji Temple
9 Nezu Shrine
10 Yanagibashi Boathouse
11 Edo Tokyo Tatenoen Toden
12 Rape blossom bloom Funabashi Andersen Park
13 Sakura and Koishikawa Botanical Garden / Former Tokyo Medical School Main Building
14 Rhododendron and Bluff 18th Building
15 Hydrangea and Hakone Tozan Railway
16 Summer Mitake Valley
17 Enoden / Kamakura High School Front Sea
18 Koshigoe fishing port and seagulls
19 Autumn leaves Komoro Castle Ruins Koen

Release Date:
June, 2019

Author profile

Makoto Wada

Born in 1936. Passed away in October 2019. Graduated from Tama Art University’s design (current design) department. In 1959, joined the design company Light Publicity.
Since 1968, he has been active as a freelance designer and illustrator, working in a wide range of genres.

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