Sketch coloring book-Beautiful Botanical Art-The Garden of the Four Seasons-

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A fun botanical art is completed just by painting colors while having fun!
You can easily experience authentic botanical art with coloring by simulating.

You can freely enjoy it by painting it firmly along the contour line or changing the touch to finish the picture with depth.
The point is that you can use your favorite painting materials such as colored pencils and watercolors. After painting, you can frame it and enjoy it.

[List of published works]
1 daffodil mix
2 fluffy
3 Oshima Sakura
4 spring purple
5 Neubara
6 Sharinby
7 rainy season flowers
8 Canna
9 scraps
10 lotus
11 dahlia
12 sunflowers
13 morning glory
14 Hex.
15 Akebei
16 autumn gifts
17 mosquito
18 Camellia japonica
19 flower circle

Release Date:
November, 2019

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Makoto Wada

Born in 1936. Passed away in October 2019. Graduated from Tama Art University’s design (current design) department. In 1959, joined the design company Light Publicity.
Since 1968, he has been active as a freelance designer and illustrator, working in a wide range of genres.

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