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Daniel Arsham, one of the world’s most notable artists, has collaborated with Pokémon on a new art project. This book contains 91 works, including 24 sculptures, drawings, and paintings of Pikachu, Eevee, and other characters created by Arsham, who has strong feelings toward Pokémon. English text is also included.


Bulbasaur / Charamander / Squirtle / Blaastoise / Pikachu / Clefary / Vulpil / Jigglypuff / Meowth / Gurwlithe / Poliwhirl / Abra / Slowpoke / Haunter / Gengar / Cubone / Eevee / Porygon / Snorlax / Mewtwo / Mew / Pichu / Celebii / Mimikyu

The first Japanese edition of Daniel Arsham’s work
Daniel Arsham has been working on the theme of “archaeology as fiction. Having grown up watching Pokémon cartoons, his desire to create works based on Pokémon has never waned, and he has completed more than 100 works. This collection contains 91 works, mainly sculptures, but also drawings and paintings. Pokémon sculptures “unearthed after 1000 years. Looking carefully at Arsham’s works, you will be reminded of the appeal of Pokémon.

The birth of Arsham’s “Pokémon Illustrated Book
On the artwork page, there is information about each Pokémon, as well as variations of Pokémon sculptures in a variety of colors and materials. It is truly an art version of the “Pokémon Illustrated Book” by Daniel Arsham. Another point is that each Pokémon sculpture can be viewed from various angles.

An in-depth look at the world of his works! Interview Included
An interview with Daniel Arsham himself and Kunihiko Yuyama, director of the animated TV series “Pokémon”, in both English and Japanese, about the short animated film “”A Ripple in Time” by Pokémon x Daniel Arsham”, which will be exhibited in Tokyo in February 2022. A Ripple in Time” by Pokémon x Daniel Arsham, which will be exhibited in Tokyo in February 2022, was created in collaboration with Arsham and director Yuyama, and we also get a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

Release Date:
February, 2022

Author profile

Daniel Arsham

Born in Ohio, USA in 1980. A contemporary artist based in New York.

Works based on the concept of “Fictional Archaeolgy” range from 3D, painting and installation.

He has exhibited his work at MoMA PS1 and many museums and international exhibitions around the world.

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