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“Sanrio Days” is a gathering of nostalgic Sanrio characters that will make your heart flutter.
The long-awaited sequel features “The Strawberry News”. From the birth of the character From side stories such as the appearance of family and friends, my favorite character is always It was born from “The Strawberry News”.

Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Patty & Jimmy, Hankyodon, Marron Cream …
The story behind the birth of nostalgic characters, rare shots, special projects, goods, etc.
We will deliver the story of the character born from “The Strawberry News” with plenty of visuals.
We will also introduce nostalgic posters, furoku, and chronology of successive character awards.

■ Table of contents
The story of the Strawberry News
Sanrio story

Patty & Jimmy
Hello Kitty
King of Strawberries
Little Twin Stars
Tiny Poem
My melody

Do you know the sister magazine of “The Strawberry News”?
Sanrio Character Advertising Playback

Tuxedo Sam
Seven Siri Dwarves
The Vaudeville Duo
Cheary Cham
Zashiki pig
Nyan Ny Ny Nyon
Bo, my mouse kid!
Minna no Tabo

Milk Aoyama and “The Strawberry News”

Maron cream
Pokopon Diary
Umeya zakkaten
Keroppi Keroppi

Appendix poster collection
Nostalgic Furoku Library
Sanrio Character Award Chronicle

“The Strawberry News” cover collection

Release Date:
October, 2013

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Sanrio is a company that sells communication gifts including characters such as Hello Kitty.

Also, we are selling greeting cards, theme park businesses such as Sanrio Puroland, and opening franchise stores.

Sanrio’s Books

Mana Takemura

Born in Kochi in 1976. Representative of editorial production time machine lab.
Actively focusing on work, planning, and production that locks up fancy girly culture in books.

Mana Takemura’s Books

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