Gaspard and Lisa – Meet Hello Kitty in Paris

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This is a collaboration picture book featuring Gaspard and Lisa and Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty, a friend of Gaspard and Lisa, comes to Paris. However, they haven’t decided on a present for Hello Kitty yet. What should they give her?

Release Date:
June, 2020

Author profile

Anne Gutman

Born in Paris in 1970, she began creating picture books influenced by her father, who was a novelist. She met Georg while working in design at a publishing company and later married him. In 1999, she and her husband launched the “Gaspard and Lisa” series.

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Georg Hallensleben

Born in Germany in 1958, he developed an affinity for watercolor painting from a young age and began his career as a painter in Rome after graduating from university. He met Anne Gutman in Paris and they got married.

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Yuko Yamaguchi

Born in Kochi Prefecture in 1955, she is the third-generation designer of Hello Kitty. She serves as a director at Sanrio Co., Ltd., and is the head of the character creation department.

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Anne Gutman, Georg Hallensleben, Yuko Yamaguchi


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