Type Z32 FAIRLADY Z – GT memories 6 (Motor Magazine Mook)

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This book describes the differences and mechanisms of each generation of the Z32 Fairlady Z, which has been produced for 11 years.

Furthermore, the history from S30 announced in 1969 to the 7th generation Fairlady 7 whose prototype was announced in 2020 is also recorded.

(All written in Japanese)

At the end of the book, with the cooperation of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the catalogs of the early and late models are excerpted and posted.

■ Prologue
■ Vehicle overview
300ZX Twin Turbo / 300ZX (early model)
300ZX Twin Turbo / Version S (Mid-term model)
Version R Twin Turbo / Version S / 300ZX (Late model)
・ Interior
・ Derived grade
Fairlady Z Convertible
■ Main specifications
■ Technology
・ Power unit
・ Drive system & suspension
■ Fairlady Z story
■ Archives
“Big Scoop from USA I saw the next Fairlady Z!” (From the March 1989 issue of Motor Magazine)
“280ps twin turbo explodes! New Z finally launches!” (Holiday Auto from August 26, 1989 issue)
“Z-ism Extreme Point Reached Nissan Techno Roman Looking at the 90’s” (Motor Magazine September 1989 issue)
“The driving style is still the charm of a first-class NA engine” (from Panda 1995 Vol.20)
■ Documents
Catalog selection
・ Issued in October 1998
・ Issued in September 1989

Release Date:
March, 2021

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