Toyota Land Cruiser Series 40 – Including BJ Models, Alongside Series 20

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The 40 series established the enduring popularity of the current Land Cruiser. In this book, a Japanese Land Cruiser specialist, with several publications including “Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series,” uses a vast array of resources, including documents from the time of release and international information, to meticulously explain the evolution of the 40 series with an abundance of illustrations.

At the end of the book, there’s a ‘Timeline of Major Part Changes’ and a ‘Production Year Table for the BJ/20/40 Series,’ enhancing its value as a reference material.

Table of Contents:
FJ21KB (1960)/FJ25 (Australia, 1958)/FJ24JA (1959)/
FJ40 (1968)/FJ28V (1960)/FJ28VA (1960)/FJ40LV (1964)/
FJ40V (1970)/BJ41V (1981)/BJ43 (1977)/BJ44V (1981)/
FJ45LP-B (1967)/FJ45RV (1982)/Catalogs from Japan and Overseas

Passing the Baton of Land Cruiser Development – Keita Moritsu
What the 40 Series Means for Land Cruiser – Sadayoshi Toyama

How to Read the Model Types

Chapter 1: Introduction to the New BJ, 20 Series, and 40 Series Models
Toyota BJ 4WD Truck
Toyota Land Cruiser 20 Series
About Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Style Plan of Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Chassis of Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Body and Frame of Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Engine of Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Electrical Components of Toyota Land Cruiser
About the Igniter

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series
New Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (L)

40 Series in Foreign Magazine Ads

Chapter 2: From BJ Model Toyota Jeep to 40 Series – Evolution and Historical Background
The Birth of Toyota Motor Corporation
Entering the Automotive Industry
Foundation of All-Wheel Drive Technology
Emerging from Post-War Chaos to Lay the Foundations for Toyota’s Development
Development of the 4WD Truck
Birth of ‘Toyota Jeep’
20 Series
Establishing a Development System/Restarting as a Civilian Model/Leading Export Model/
Increasing Land Cruiser Production/Origin of Station Wagon
40 Series
Aiming for the Global Market/Land Cruiser and Special Equipment/Onset of the Personal Car Era/
Continued Strong Export of Land Cruiser/Off-Road 4WD Boom
Global Spread of Land Cruiser Exports
Latin America/Brazil/Middle East/Asia/Africa/Canada/

Chapter 3: History of the 40 Series Evolution – Tracing the Trajectory Over Three Generations
BJ Model Land Cruiser
August 1951/June 1954
20 Series
November 1955/August 1956/November 1956/November 1957/
August 1958/July 1960
40 Series
August 1960/November 1962/July 1963/1964/1965/
February 1967/July 1967/March 1969/May 1970/March 1971/
April 1972/September 1972/September 1973/February 1974/August 1974/
January 1975/September 1975/June 1976/August 1976/February 1979/
April 1979/August 1980/October 1981/October 1982

Timeline of Major Part Changes
Sales Numbers for the BJ/20/40 Series
Production Year Table for the BJ/20/40 Series

Release Date:
November, 2023

Author profile

Tsuyoshi Namba

Born in 1953, he became a photographer. After working as a cameraman for Nihon Keizai Shimbun, he went independent in 1986. During his time at the newspaper, he shipped a BJ41V model he had purchased to Australia and embarked on a six-month reporting trip. This journey inspired him to make Australia’s unique rock landscapes his life’s work. He also witnessed firsthand the performance of Land Cruisers in Australia, experiencing the meaning of being “born in Japan and raised in Australia.”

He continued to cover Australia, always using a Land Cruiser for his photographic journeys. His reason being, “With this car, I can always make it back no matter what.” Through producing documentaries and interacting directly with users, he continues to report on how Land Cruisers are used around the world.

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