Takuro Morinaga Tomica Collection (Yaes Media Mook 715)

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This book features about 3,000 vehicles selected from the collection of Takuro Morinaga, an economic commentator and Tomica collector, which consists of more than 13,000 vehicles.

Six genres are included: nostalgic “early models,” “buses” with a wide variety of variations, “foreign cars” with attractive forms not found in domestic cars, “working cars” popular among kids, “heavy machinery,” including many powerful big-size models, and “live trucks” irresistible to fans.

There is also an introduction to the B Treasure Museum, which exhibits about 100,000 items from Takuro Morinaga’s collection, as well as an interview and other articles.

Release Date:
October, 2021

Author profile

Takuro Morinaga

Economic analyst. Born in Tokyo in 1957. 1980 Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. After working at the Economic Planning Agency’s General Planning Bureau, Mitsui Information Development Co., Ltd.’s Research Institute, and UFJ Research Institute, Ltd., he became a professor at the Faculty of Economics, Dokkyo University. His specialties are labor economics and econometrics. He has a reputation for preaching formal economics in an easy-to-understand manner, and in addition to his writing activities, he is also active on television and radio.

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Takuro Morinaga


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