SKYLINE – Focusing on R32, R33 and R34 models

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The Skyline, boasting high performance, can be considered a representative masterpiece of Nissan. This book specifically focuses on the highly popular ‘new generation’ models, the R32, R33, and R34, detailing their history extensively.

With the cooperation of Nissan/NISMO, the book includes 28 additional pages covering the motorsport achievements of these three generations, along with the latest information on the Skyline/GT-R. It also features a comprehensive collection of valuable historic catalogs in color, along with detailed data on key specifications and production numbers, enhancing its value as a reference material.

Table of Contents:
‘Reviving the Racing Skyline’ with the R32 – Osamu Ito
R33 and R34: ‘Performance and Practicality’ – Kozo Watanabe
The Individuality that Preserved the Skyline – Ryuji Nakayama

The History of the Skyline
Chapter 1: The Prehistory of the Skyline
Chapter 2: The Birth of the Skyline to the Seventh Generation
Chapter 3: R32, R33, R34 Skyline Models
Chapter 4: Eleventh to Thirteenth Generations and NISSAN GT-R

Tracing the History of the Skyline through Catalogs
–Focusing on R32, R33, R34–

●SI Series (First Generation, April 1957 – November 1963)
●BLRA-3 (Skyline Sport, November 1962 – Production Discontinued in 1963)
●S50 Series (Second Generation, November 1963 – August 1968)
●S54 Series (Skyline GT, May 1964 – August 1968)
●C10/GC10 (Third Generation, August 1968 – September 1972)
●PGC10/KPGC10 2000GT-R (First Generation GT-R, February 1969 – September 1972)
●C110/GC110 (Fourth Generation, September 1972 – August 1977)
●KPGC110 2000GT-R (Second Generation GT-R, January – April 1973)
●C210/GC210 (Fifth Generation, August 1977 – August 1981)
●R30 (Sixth Generation, August 1981 – August 1985)
●R31 (Seventh Generation, August 1985 – May 1989)
●R32 (Eighth Generation, May 1989 – August 1993)
●R32 GT-R (Third Generation GT-R, August 1989 – January 1995)
Racing Scene of R32 GT-R
●R33 (Ninth Generation, August 1993 – May 1998)
●R33 GT-R (Fourth Generation GT-R, January 1995 – January 1999)
Racing Scene of R33 GT-R
●R34 (Tenth Generation, May 1998 – June 2001)
●R34 GT-R (Fifth Generation GT-R, January 1999 – August 2002)
Racing Scene of R34 GT-R
●V35 (Eleventh Generation, June 2001 – November 2006 [Coupe until October 2007])
●V36 (Twelfth Generation, November 2006 – February 2014
[Coupe until January 2016, Crossover until June 2016])
●V37 (Thirteenth Generation, February 2014 – Present)
●R35 NISSAN GT-R (December 2007 – Present)
●R35 GT-R International Catalogs
Racing Scene of R32, R33, R34 GT-R
●R32 GT-R
Challenge of R32 GT-R at SPA Francorchamps
●R33 GT-R
Challenge of R33 GT-R at Le Mans
●R34 GT-R

■Specifications of Skyline and NISSAN GT-R
■Production, Registration, and Export Numbers of Skyline
■Production, Registration, and Export Numbers of NISSAN GT-R
■Japanese Touring Car Championship – 29 Consecutive Victories of Skyline GT-R


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October, 2023

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Setsuo Touma

Born in Tokyo in 1937, he joined Fuji Precision Industries in 1956 and was involved in development and experimental work.

In 1967, he transferred to the experimental department of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., which had merged, and in 1970, he completed a round trip of about 10,000 kilometers from Detroit to the West Coast and back for an AT test. The outward journey included traversing 3,800 km of the then-active Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica.

In 1972, he moved to Nissan’s Overseas Service Division, where he was involved in management guidance for overseas dealers and tuning of KD (knocked-down) vehicles. From 1986 to 1997, he transferred to the overseas business division of Calsonic (now Calsonic Kansei), working on the development of overseas bases in the Australia-Asia region. He was stationed in Singapore from 1986 to 1989.

He is currently a member of RJC (Research Journalist Conference of Japan) and SAH (The Society of Automotive Historians, Inc.) in the United States. He began collecting global automotive catalogs in 1954 and continues to do so.

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