Skyline C10 – Hakosuka Photobook (Nostalgic Hero Series)

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This book is a collection of photographs of the C10 Skyline (Hakosuka), selected from dozens of Hakosuka cars published in the classic car magazine “Nostalgic Hero” and its extra issues since 2012, and reworked into a photo book of only Hakosuka cars.

The C10 Skyline is the king of old Japanese cars, recognized by all for its popularity. The nickname “Hakosuka” for the third-generation Skyline is already well known overseas.
Since the first issue of Nostalgic Hero magazine, we have photographed and interviewed many Hakoska owners.

The photos that appeared in this magazine and in the additional issues were only small in size due to space limitations, but this time they are as large as possible. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful moments in which each and every shot taken by a top professional photographer is brought to life beautifully in a large format.

By looking at the photos carefully, you will notice that there is a lot of information that can be read as reference material, such as the specifications for modifying the car, for example, how to create a beautiful ride height, how to modify the engine compartment, and the parts used.

This is a book that not only Hakoska fans but also many other fans of old cars will enjoy.
Please take your time and take a look.

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February, 2018

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