New model bulletin, No. 627: All about the new Fairlady Z (Motor Fan Separate Volume)

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The new Fairlady Z has become so popular that orders have been suspended due to a flood of orders. In this magazine, the details of the new Fairlady Z are introduced in depth.

Not only the driving, but also how the development proceeded in the midst of the suffering of sports cars, how the retro-futuristic design was born, and the details of the mechanism.

1 cover
3 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z in Tokyo Scenery with the new Fairlady Z
10 Contents
12 Driving Impression of NISSAN FAIRLADY Z Inherited Will
18 Outline of NISSAN FAIRLADY Z Nissan’s pride spun over half a century
22 The Story of Project No matter how many times you fall… you will always come back
28 Design Interview A form that beats the leading designers who put their all into it
36 Competitors Rival comparison impressions The latest historical heritage that can be enjoyed now
44 The Grand Touring From Tokyo to Sekijuku──850km long distance test
52 Technology & Mechanism Mechanism Detailed Explanation
60 The Project Team Everyone in the project team
62 Cockpit & Utility Thorough usability check
70 History The source of Japan’s sports cars
76 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z in USA American eyes on the new Z
78 Accessories & Dress-up Parts Genuine Accessory Parts Guide
79 All about the latest minivans in 2023
80 Buyer’s Guide Fairlady Z purchase guide
82 Presents for Readers & Upcoming Issues
98 Reduced size catalog

*All in Japanese

Release Date:
December, 2022

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