New Car Bulletin Plus, Vol.84: Nissan Fairlady Z (CARTOP MOOK)

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The charm of the new Fairlady Z twin turbo “405ps” is collected in one book.

Japan’s representative sports car “Fairlady Z”. The first S30 type appeared in 1969. A sports car with the same name and a history of more than 50 years is a rare existence not only in Japan but also in the world.
The interior and exterior design respects the successive models and is finished in a modern style. The headlights are the 240ZG of the original S30, and the taillights are a tribute to the Z32. It can be said that the nostalgia and the new are perfectly combined.
The installed engine is a 3ℓ V6 twin turbo that produces the strongest 405ps ever. Nissan calls the new Fairlady Z a “dance partner,” with its slightly dangerous power and refined chassis. It has been sublimated into a car that truly enjoys dialogue and driving with the person who controls it.

【table of contents】
First of all, I want to know Fairlady Z vehicle overview
[Special Conversation] “Z’s Yanagida” Revives the Legend
[Developer Interview] Approaching key people
Thorough test drive declaration Keiichi Tsuchiya/Akihiko Nakatani/Takayuki Kinoshita
designer interview
Interior and exterior check
Digging deep into the charm ・Ingenuity and technology adopted for the new Fairlady Z
Mechanism check
Here is the best recommendation! 7 reasons to ride
Buying guide
Polish your Z even more! accessory parts
Z Special Shop Visit Central 20
RAYS, a forged sports wheel that sublimates driving
Rivals of Pure Sports Z
Enjoy Z in a 1/64 world [KYOSHO]

Fairlady Z looking back in the catalog
Genealogy of Longing and Fairlady Z
Reduced size catalog

*All in Japanese

Release Date:
December, 2022

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