Kunimitsu THE RACER (“auto sport” special edition. San-ei mook)

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A complete preservation version that looks back on the career of Kunimitsu Takahashi, an unprecedented “racer” who was active as a Nissan Works driver after the world challenge with motorcycles and the feat of winning the GP for the first time, and introduces his favorite machine.

“Race with fans, Team Kunimitsu with fans” ~ Greetings from Mr. Kuni ~

Detailed explanation of “machines related to Kunimitsu”
Nissan Works era PRINCE R380 / NISSAN R382
Le Mans Challenge 2nd year class champion Honda NSX-GT2
First GP victory and fierce battle on the Isle of Man Honda RC162

“I continued to face the operation of the car” Kunimitsu Takahashi Long Interview

“From Group A to Le Mans. And to JGTC”
Looking back on those days when the drivers who fought together were hot again. Keiichi Tsuchiya / Akira Iida

Race Scene [Race scene]
Nissan Works era / Group C era / Group A era /
1995 Le Mans 24 Hours / JGTC era / Motorcycle era

R380 & R382 Restoration secret story and others

■ Table of contents:
1 Cover
3 His Team Kunimitsu at the milestone of his 30th anniversary
4 Table of contents
6 PROLOGUE I am a RACER, I am Kunimitsu. Greetings from Mr. Kuni
12 Nissan Works era
24 Machine Gallery 1966 PRINCE R380 & 1969 NISSAN R382
34 R380 Restoration Operation
36 Group C era
48 Group A era
58 Machine Gallery NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R32 Group A
64 TEAM KUNIMITSU in 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours Team Kunimitsu This Battle ── 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours
72 Machine Gallery 1995 HONDA NSX-GT2
78 NSX era
86 Time with Kuni ── Keiichi Tsuchiya / Akira Iida
91 Motorcycle World GP Era
98 Machine Gallery 1961 HONDA RC162
104 Settlement ── The origin that challenged after 35 years 1999 Motegi Open 7-hour endurance road race
106 Interview with Kunimitsu Takahashi
112 Greetings from Team Kunimitsu Director Kazuhiro Kojima

* All in Japanese

Release Date:
January, 2022

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