GT memories 3 A70 SUPRA (Motor Magazine Mook)

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A one-make MOOK by car model, “GT memories” series, which delves into sports specialty cars that were born in the 1980s and are still very popular today. This time, the third installment, is a special feature on the A70 Supra.

■ Prologue
“Nanamaru Supra that ran through 7 turbulent years”
■Vehicle overview
3.0 GT Turbo Limited
■Grade composition
1 3.0 GT Turbo
2 GT twin turbo
3 aero top
4 3.0 GT Turbo A (limited to 500 units)
5 2.5 GT twin turbo R
■ Technology
power unit
chassis & suspension
Main specifications
■ Chronology
A70 Supra history
From 12000GT to 3000GT ~The beginning of Toyota GT history
2The qualities of a fast horse shown in motor sports
・ Gr.A Supra, fight!
・ Challenge the rally with toughness
3 After A70 Supra ~A60 Celica XX/A80 Supra
■ before SUPRA
■Motor Magazine Archives
“The Birth of the New Global Sports ‘Toyota 3000GT'” (from the May 1986 issue)
“It’s hard to underestimate the power of the new ‘2000GT”‘ (from the May 1986 issue)
“A stylish big coupe with a West Coast taste finally arrives in Japan” (from the September 1986 issue)
“How has the long-awaited addition of the 5-speed MT changed driving?” (from the September 1986 issue)
“Group A base machine is super dry” (From the November 1988 issue)
“A return to the origins of the hardliners and the culmination of the current style” (from the May 1992 issue)
“Supra returns to the battle line with 280 horsepower” (from the May 1992 issue)
“Unique A70 Supra Test Drive ZEEK 3.1i” (from the September 1991 issue)
■ Materials
New Model Manual (published by Toyota in February 1986)
Late model catalog (October 1989 issued by Toyota Motor Corporation)

Release Date:
September, 2020

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