Fairlady Z Story & History Volume.1 (Motor Magazine Mook)

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The first Fairlady Z, which was announced at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1969 and was released in Japan in November. The following year, it became an explosive hit in the United States, and its name spread all over the world. Is the first in the “Fairlady Z Story & History” series published in 2019, the 50th anniversary of the birth of the company.

The first feature features the first S30 to the third Z31. Datsan, the prehistoric era, interweaves the story of his Fairlady era, and unravels the appearance of the successive Z at the time of its release with valuable photographs and materials.

Also, in the second half, a magnificent development story that depicts the history of Z and the half-life of Mr. Yutaka Katayama, also known as “Mr. K”, is recorded.
(All written in Japanese)

Chap.1 The Scene ~ Prologue
North American actual running test just before the release. And debuted at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show.
Chap.2 Memories of successive Fairlady Z Part-1
Introducing successive models & impression articles and test data at that time
・ First generation S30 / BLRA
・ 2nd generation S130
・ 3rd generation Z31

Chap.3 The Scene ~ Memory of Racing Z Part-1
Active in the 70’s from his debut in 1969

Chap.4 Yes! We’re Z CraiZies !! Part-1
Introducing meetings, events and clubs of the Z Carfan Club in Japan and the United States.

Chap.5 Fairlady Z successive police car albums & gull-wing Z special effects of “Seibu Keisatsu”

Chap.6 DATSUN Fairlady Story & History
Trajectory of successive Fairlady

Chap.7 Project Z Story & History Vol.1
Successive Z development stories
・ Episode.0 The eve of the birth of the first S30Z ~ and the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show
・ Episode.1 Birth of the first S30Z
Column S30 Development secret story Interview with designer Matsuo and others
・ Episode.2 Birth of the second generation S130
・ Episode.3 Birth of the 3rd generation Z31

Chap.8 The Scene ~ Memory of Racing Z Part-2
RAC, safari, Monte Carlo … In addition to his success in the Z rally field, the unforgettable S130 & Z31 rally cars.

Release Date:
October, 2019

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