COPEN Tuning & Dressup Guide 4 (AUTO STYLE Vol.22) Mook

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This is the fourth issue of Copen Tuning & Dressup Guide.
The theme of this issue is the pursuit of how “multi-talented” the Copen is. The main point is that the Copen is a convertible car with an electrically-operated roof. This guide will bring you a lot of exhilarating “open-air” experiences.

The Copen is a car that drives in the nature with a vast landscape in the background.
This guide also introduces touring spots for the Copen, which are sure to be a great sight to behold.
You can feel excited just by looking at the beautiful photos.
In addition, the “What’s newest about Copen” section is full of information that you may not know, which the editorial department has obtained through its own routes.
The most noteworthy section is “Question Clear” for Copen beginners and those who are thinking of buying a Copen.
The demand for Copen is increasing in the sports car boom.
We have compiled a number of “Copen FAQs” that the ever-increasing number of new Copen owners are wondering about, in a Q&A format.
The Copen is a car that can be enjoyed in any genre and style.
This book is a reminder that the Copen is a “multi-talented” convertible that can be used in a wide variety of lifestyles.
“COPEN*04” has been edited from a different perspective.
The popular parts catalog at the end of the book is also a must-see, with new and easy-to-understand information.


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August, 2019

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