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Yasuko Aoyama, who is popular for her beautiful and delicate prints, cannot be thought of as being made with an eraser.

Change the image of the old eraser stamp,Introduces the expression of multicolor printing with depth, which is obtained by stacking multiple plates.
Eraser The basics of prints and techniques and ideas for printing unique to prints are also explained.

In addition to the popular designs announced at solo exhibitions and on the web, many new designs are included!
Animals such as flowers and plants, small birds such as birds and swallows,
We have collected seasonal patterns that are easy to use for New Year cards and cards.
With a mini motif that even beginners can easily make,
The motif of a single picture that completes the visual is posted.

You can also enjoy it as a collection of works by Yasuko Aoyama,
This is a book full of the charm of eraser prints.



Release Date:
September, 2018

Author profile

Yasuko Aoyama

Eraser printmaker. Lives in Sendai. She met Eraser Hankaku in 2006 and started producing multicolored eraser prints in 2010. With the motifs of flowers, birds, insects, animals, dreams and landscapes that I feel beautiful, the world that extends from there is carved in multiple layers. Her works are being exhibited at solo exhibitions, Twitter, and Instagram.

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