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Riusuke Fukahori is called a goldfish painter because he projects himself onto goldfish and breathes life into them. The third collection of his works includes his new installation “Heisei Shinchuya,” a collection of live works.

He paints goldfish with acrylic paint on layers of resin to express a three-dimensional reality, creating an outstanding technique called “laminated painting,” for which he has received high acclaim both in Japan and abroad.

He has exhibited his works mainly at art galleries and department stores, but this is his first solo exhibition at a public museum. Using the museum as a stage, he presented an installation of a new world of goldfish that he has never created before.


Release Date:
July, 2018

Author profile

Riusuke Fukahori

Yokohama College of Art and Design Visiting Professor Yatomi City Public Relations Ambassador
Resides in Kanagawa prefecture

1973 Born in Aichi Prefecture. As a child, he grew up watching goldfish in Yatomi City.
In 1995, she graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design and Crafts.
2002 Invented a technique of pouring resin into a vessel and drawing a goldfish with paint. -Birth of 2.5D painting representative work “Kingyoshu”.
2007 Opened the atelier “Goldfish Farm” in Yokohama.
In 2018, he held his first solo exhibition at a public art museum (Hiratsuka City Art Museum, Kariya City Art Museum). The number of visitors exceeded 100,000 at the two venues.

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