Words of the world that are about to disappear – Nishi Syuku

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A picture book written by popular illustrator Nishi Shuku in Japan.

There are about 7,000 words spoken in the world.
But now in the world, with the development of science and technology,
Used by a few people in limited areas
“Small” words are disappearing one after another.
This book is from 50 minority languages in the world,
Researchers of each language selected from their own perspective
Introducing the word “that word” with a sentence and a picture,
A rare language wordbook that is rare in the world.
From a number of unfamiliar words,
Think about the lives of people who speak “small” words.

Release Date:
August, 2017

Author profile

Nishi Syuku

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Magazines, advertisements, packages, CD jackets,
She handles illustrations such as book binding.
Based in Kyoto and Tottori.

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