WildRiver’s STAR WARS World – Circular diorama Works

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A scene work that can be viewed 360 degrees = the world of “Star Wars” diorama spelled out in an amphitheater!

Wild River Naoto Arakawa, a scene writer who is active in many model magazines,
He has collected a large collection of “Star Wars” related works that he has produced and published in the magazine so far.
This book contains 16 better works from a large number of works.

WildRiver The world of “Star Wars” woven in the “Amphitheater” format advocated by Naoto Arakawa sets it apart from any other “Star Wars” three-dimensional work, and creates a unique world.


Release Date:
May, 2020

Author profile

WildRiver / Naoto Arakawa

Born in Hokkaido in 1960. Partly because he enjoyed programming Macs, he developed the first plug-in in Japan at the dawn of the image processing software “Adobe Photoshop” and released many plug-in software such as the “WildRiver SSK” series. He is also highly regarded overseas as a plug-in maker, and in 1996 he is a former plug-in and photo shopper whose plug-in he programmed has won awards such as “Best Photoshop Plugin of the year” in the United States.

After returning to the world of models triggered by “Star Wars”, a diorama writer who has produced / announced a multi-genre scene model = amphitheater such as AFV, airplane, ship, SF, character, etc. in many model magazines.

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Naoto Arakawa


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