The last ukiyo-e artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka

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A number of new expressions that the painter who lived in the Meiji period continued to challenge!  Includes 150 important works by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, including paintings of monsters, warriors, beauties, and representative works from his later years.

All works are accompanied by commentary, allowing the reader to trace the evolution of Yoshitoshi’s painting career while learning the story of the scene depicted in each work. The book also highlights the appeal of Yoshitoshi, who inherited the free and unrestrained ideas of his master, Kuniyoshi Utagawa, while incorporating the realism of Western painting and leading the way in modern and contemporary Japanese painting.


【table of contents】

Chapter 1: Yoshitoshi’s hero – Yoshitoshi’s warrior painting

Chapter 2 Yoshitoshi’s Thoughts – Yoshitoshi’s Historical Paintings

Chapter 3 Mystery of the series

Chapter 4 Yoshitoshi’s Bewitching and Glamorous – Yoshitoshi’s Beauties (Recorded works: “Tokyo Zanman Twelve Months” “Thirty-two Aspects of Fuzoku”)

Chapter 5 News

Chapter 6 One Hundred Aspects of the Moon – A Compilation of Yoshitoshi’s Art (Recorded work “One Hundred Aspects of the Moon”)

Release Date:
April, 2021

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