Shin-hanga – A Journey to Longed-for Landscapes

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This book meticulously selects masterpieces of landscape by leading Shin-Hanga artists such as Kawase Hasui and Hiroshi Yoshida, along with Kasamatsu Shiro, Ito Shinsui, and others.

It’s a collector’s edition where one can enjoy the delicate carving and printing of woodblock prints, highly esteemed even overseas, on a large scale.

At the end of the Meiji era, the publisher Shozaburo Watanabe revived the declining skills of ukiyo-e woodblock printing and, together with artists, created “Shin hanga” that was in tune with the times.

The main artists featured include Koitsu Tsuchiya, Shotei Takahashi, Hiroshi Yoshida, Kawase Hasui, Takayuki Ito, Kasamatsu Shiro, Ito Shinsui. Foreign artists like Fritz Capelari, Charles Bartlett, and Elizabeth Keith are also included.

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March, 2018

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Junko Nishiyama

She is a curator at the Chiba City Museum of Art, specializing in modern Japanese prints. Since 1997, she has organized the “Japanese Prints” series, a comprehensive review of Japanese prints from the late Meiji period to the post-war era, across five occasions. Other exhibitions she has planned include “Takehisa Yumeji Exhibition – To Draw Is to Live,” “130th Birth Anniversary of Hashiguchi Goyo,” “130th Birth Anniversary of Kawase Hasui – Nostalgic Japanese Landscapes,” and “140th Birth Anniversary of Hiroshi Yoshida.”

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Junko Nishiyama


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