Rice cake (Omochi)

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Yuki Hikosaka and Izumi Morito, two of the hottest woodblock print artists of the moment, have beautifully rendered the characteristics of each of children’s favorite rice cakes in their prints.

The beautiful woodblock prints depict the browning and puffing of the rice cake. Once the rice cake is baked, you can make isobeyaki, anko mochi, kinako mochi, and many other delicious-looking rice cakes, and enjoy them.

This picture book is filled with the joy and pleasure of baking and eating rice cakes, a favorite of children.

Release Date:
November, 2021

Author profile

Yuki Hikosaka

Woodblock artist at Hikosaka Woodcut Studio.
She holds exhibitions and woodcut workshops to convey the wonders of woodblock printing.
She started working as an illustrator in 2012, and has been active in a wide range of fields, including advertising, food packaging, and miscellaneous goods illustrations.
Her picture book “Bread Please” was selected for the 2015 Bologna International Children’s Book Exhibition “Books & Seeds”.

Yuki Hikosaka‘s books

Izumi Morito

Creative director of Hikosaka Woodcut Studio.
Based on woodcuts drawn by Yuki Hikosaka, he designs and supervises food packages, advertisements, and more.
He also organizes events such as exhibitions and woodcut workshops hosted by Hikosaka Woodcut Studio.

Izumi Morito‘s books

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Weight 401 g

Izumi Morito, Yuki Hikosaka


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