NARITAKA SATOH Reality -Dancing on the Edge-

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Many art collectors eagerly await new works! Naritaka Satoh, a painter known for his infrequent output, pursues “beauty” with his overly precise pencil drawings and bold use of paint.

He covers the eyes in his paintings of beautiful women and fills in the petals with paint—

Naritaka Satoh, an artist with a passionate fan base, primarily focuses on real people and flowers as his motifs.
When he faces the panel, he first replicates the motif with pencil lines so precise they could be mistaken for photographs.
Once he completes the pencil drawing, filling the entire panel, he boldly covers the “overly expressive eyes” and “exaggeratedly beautiful petals” he drew with vibrant, multicolored acrylic paints.
By deliberately covering the parts generally considered most beautiful with paint, he expresses the inherent beauty of the motif itself.

Satoh, who diligently works on his art to the point of stoicism, produces few works due to his style, making him a rare artist whose new creations are eagerly awaited by many collectors.

With few opportunities to exhibit his works, such as solo exhibitions, this collection becomes a valuable volume offering a comprehensive view of Satoh’s works.

It includes 72 photos of paintings and three-dimensional works, as well as a manuscript of an essay by the upcoming art critic Hiroki Yamamoto (author of “Contemporary Art History” and other books), providing an insight into what “beauty” means in his works.

Release Date:
January, 2024

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Naritaka Satoh

Born in 1980 in Aichi Prefecture. Completed the Design program at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2008. Won the Grand Prize at the 8th SICF (Spiral Independent Creators Festival) in 2007. Received the Grand Prize at Independent Tokyo 2017. Notable solo exhibitions include “DUAL” (2019 at Minna no Gallery, Tokyo), “RAW” (2021 at Hiro Hiro Art Space, Taipei), “Show Case” (2022 at SCÈNE, Tokyo), and “REVEAL” (2022 at GR Gallery, New York).

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