Naomi Ito 2024 Wall Calendar Portrait of A Morning Garden!

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This is a 2024 wall calendar by textile designer and watercolor artist Naomi Ito.

Enjoy the world of Naomi Ito’s watercolor paintings, which are both delicate and bold.

Size: 515 x 380mm, 13 sheets spelled
Type: Wall hanging, paper header specifications

Release Date:
June, 2023

Author profile

Naomi Ito (ATELIER to nani IRO)

Watercolor painter and textile designer.
She lives in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. Get inspired by elements from nature and draw poetry like spinning.
In 2002, She started “nani IRO Textile” including textile design.
She also works on book bindings, TV commercials, dramas, picture books, interiors, CI plans, and workshops using words and watercolors.
Opened ATELIER to naniIRO in Osaka in 2012. As a shop and atelier, we regularly hold events and workshops, as all the naniIRO’s ingredients are in order.

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Naomi Ito


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