My futon is made of sea by Miroco Machiko

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The second picture book by Miroco Machiko, a painter who draws attention with flora and fauna that draws with vibrant touch.

‘Boku(He)’ sleep in various futons. The sea, cats, bread, elephants, etc. Play in your dreams and have a happy morning full of light.

*63rd Shogakukan Children’s Publishing Cultural Award

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July, 2013

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Miroco Machiko

Born in Osaka in 1981. Painter and picture book writer. Began working as a painter in 2004. The exhibitions of works such as individual exhibitions and group exhibitions are energetically performed all over the country, and in a relaxed style, animals and plants are drawn vividly and attract attention. We are also focusing on workshops mainly for children. In 2012, she made her debut as a picture book in “Okami Ga Tobu Hi” (East Press).

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