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A love letter that Japanese popular artist Yuko Higuchi gives to loved ones.
Girl, cat, egg, rabbit, dream … 32 fascinating and emotional pictures and words.

A small, palm-sized picture book, like a collection of poems, with a love for all life born from the tip of the brush.
The beautiful binding in a sleeve case makes it a perfect gift.


Release Date:
November, 2019

Author profile

Yuko Higuchi

Higuchi Yuko is a professional painter who lives in Japan.

She has collaborated with various companies such as GUCCI.

She has recently published books, including “Higuchi Yuko Artworks The First“, “Higuchi Yuko Artworks The CIRCUS“, “BABEL Higuchi Yuko Artworks“,” Sekai ichi no Neko(You are the one)“,”Gustave-kun“.

She has her own shop/gallery called “Boris Zakkaten” nearby Omotesando station in Tokyo.

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