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This book introduces the goods sold at museums all over Japan, selected by museum goods lover Natsumi Osawa.

《Chapter 1 / I want to enjoy cuteness》
Artizon Museum
Morioka History and Culture Museum
Nara Cultural Property Research Institute Asuka Museum
Marugame Genichiro Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (MIMOCA)
Beni Museum
Gotoh Museum
Munakata Shiko Memorial Hall
Kyoto Aquarium
Nasu Animal Kingdom
Oya Museum
Gunma Prefectural Historical Museum
Linear / Railway Building
Ishikawa Fureai Insect Museum

《Chaper 2 / I want to bring back the excitement》
Yamatane Museum of Art
Nakatsu City History Museum
Hasegawa Machiko Museum and Memorial Hall
Sendai Uminomori Aquarium
Suntory Museum of Art
Fukuoka Art Museum
Tokyo National Museum
Printing Museum
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
Shiretoko Rausu Visitor Center
National Museum of Ethnology
Fukui Prefectural Year Stripe Museum

《Chapter 3 / I want to enjoy Maniac》
Shinjuku Ward Soseki Yamabo Memorial Hall
Itami City Insectarium
Osaka Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Japanese History and Folklore
Fukuoka City Museum
Kasai Sea Life Park
Tokugawa Art Museum
Oshu City Cattle Museum
Kyushu National Museum
Junichi Watanabe Literature Museum

《Chapter 4 / I want to learn more deeply》
Geological Museum
JT Biohistory Research Center
Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Center
National Museum of Nature and Science
Ueno Zoo
Toba City Sea Museum
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Kyoto National Museum
The Hokkaido University Museum
Meguro Parasitological Museum
Museum Park Ibaraki Nature Museum

Release Date:
July, 2021

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Natsumi Osawa

After studying design at Sapporo City University, she entered Hokkaido University Graduate School. She works on museum goods research based on museum management theory. After working as an office worker, she is now active as a museum goods lover. From both her research and practice, she is working hard to convey the charm of the museum through museum goods.

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