Ito Jakuchu Complete Works

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This book is a major revision of the catalogue of the exhibition of Jakuchu Ito. It is the definitive edition, covering all the major works, including those that could not be exhibited due to unavoidable circumstances and seven works that were discovered after the exhibition, and completely including as many as 200 works.

In 2000, an exhibition of the Edo period painter Ito Jakuchu was held in Kyoto. It is said that it will be impossible to see all of his works in one place for the next 10 years, but even so, only 11 of the 30 paintings in his masterpiece “Festschrift festschrift” were exhibited.
The works were photographed as newly as possible, and as much detail as possible was included in the exhibition.
If the exhibition will be held for the next 10 years, this is the greatest and best collection of Jakuchu’s works that we can hope for today, and it will not be possible to make a better one for the next 20 years.

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October, 2002

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