Ito Jakuchu – 30 Pictures of the Colorful Realm of Living Beings

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The “Pictures of the Colorful Realm of Living Beings” is the lifetime masterpiece of Ito Jakuchu, the leader of the recent boom in Japanese art. In this book, you can understand for the first time the reason why this masterpiece, which depicts animals, plants, …… and all living things in 30 panels, is a masterpiece, both in terms of the painting technique and the materials used.

First of all, the mellow and dense colors of the paintings are expressed in a remarkably vivid manner by using the back colors used in Buddhist paintings and other works. Furthermore, the artist’s enterprising personality, which led him to be one of the first to use Prussian blue, a pigment brought from abroad, in Japan, is also evident in his paintings. The latest digital cameras have revealed the world of Jakuchu’s paintings, in which he put his whole heart and soul into each and every scroll, paying the utmost attention to the smallest detail.
The detailed images of the 30 scrolls have been reproduced with the best printing technology. This is a gorgeous collection of Jakuchu’s works that will make you realize once again the greatness of Jakuchu’s work that is still relevant today.

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January, 2010

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