I, Caterpillar – Suzuko Momoyama

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A beautiful detailed pointillistic caterpillar pictorial record containing 68 works by Suzuko Momoyama, a painter who loves insects and draws hornworms while observing breeding!

When I looked into the caterpillar, which was only a few centimeters in length, with a magnifying glass, I found a world like a small Milky Way.

Both Japanese and English, 128 pages out of 148 pages in color.

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June, 2021
Japanese & English

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Suzuko Momoyama

Caterpillar painter. Born in Tokyo. Spent her childhood in the suburbs of New York City. Has been raising insects since her elementary school days. Her starting point for painting was learning to make observation sketches using a microscope in biology class. Aspires to create expressions that freely fly across the boundaries between natural science and art.

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Suzuko Momoyama


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