Hiren: Keita Okada Artworks & Making Book

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This is the first collection of original and copyrighted works by Keita Okada, who has attracted attention for his sculptures of dragons, lions, and fantastic beasts.

It also introduces his original techniques for creating powerful sculptures, including ZBrush rough and tumble, scales, wrinkles, teeth and fangs, and 3D printing details, all in the making of dragons and lions!

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May, 2019

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Keita Okada (Villard Inc.)

Digital sculptor, 3D concept artist. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1991. He has been freelance since 2015 and mainly works on concept models such as creatures.
Established “Villard” Co., Ltd. in March 2017. He has been involved in various domestic and international works such as the ZBrush Central Top Row Award. He is one of the young 3D sculptors who are currently in the spotlight.

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