Bijinga borderless 2 – Bijinga anthology book

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New era “Bijin-ga” expressions are gathered here!
Introducing next-generation talents who draw beautiful female figures across genres.

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Hideto Asamura / Tomoyo Ito / Taro Uchida / Yasutomo Oka / Eri Kawaguchi / Chikako Ono
Atsuko Goto / Hatoko Sada / Eriko Shiga / Kazuki Takamatsu / Akiko Tokuda / Yumi Nakai
Kei Hanabishi / Kana Fujii / Miharu Yokota / Miharu Yokota / wataboku



Release Date:
January, 2020

Author profile

Yasunari Ikenaga

Born in Oita prefecture in 1965. Graduated from Midorigaoka High School attached to Oita Prefectural College of Arts.
A beautiful woman painting with rock paint on a linen cloth dyed by herself gives off a unique texture and fragrance.
There are also many overseas offers such as stationery and book binding.
The art book “Kimi omou Byakuya no Kofuku” published in 2014 continues to be a long seller.
In addition to collaborations with AKB48, prints and coloring, and the release of calendars, he has been expanding his field of activities by supervising beautiful art books.

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