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This is the first large-format publication on the work of Japanese painter Yamaguchi Akira, whose style combines contemporary oil painting techniques with the classical Japanese composition style Yamato-e .

His work addresses the problematic dichotomy that arises when traditional Japanese and Western art are combined. His expansive scenes with many small figures, meticulous depictions of architecture, and an oblique perspective from above that shows cutaways of buildings, revealing the activity therein, might easily overwhelm the viewer. Sawaragi Noi observes in his essay that the artist is a designer who has attained the highest level… a highly sophisticated modelmaker.


Size : 22.5 x 2.2 x 29.7 cm (8.86 x 0.87 x 11.7 in)

Release Date:
December, 2012

Author profile

Akira Yamaguchi

Born in Tokyo, he grew up in the city of Kiryū, Gunma Prefecture.
He received his B.A. in oil painting (1994) and M.A. in oil painting (1996) from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
Yamaguchi designed the cover art for the album V by the nu-jazz music duo United Future Organization and illustrated the book Chronicles of My Life: An American in the Heart of Japan by Donald Keene.
He lives and works in Tokyo. His artwork has been exhibited worldwide. He is represented by Mizuma Art Gallery.

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Akira Yamaguchi


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