TSUYOSHI TANE Archaeology of the Future

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The first collection of works by Tsuyoshi Tane, an architect based in Paris, France and Japan.

Covers 17 major works, including his debut work “Estonian National Museum” and recent work “Todoroki House in Valley”. Each work is disassembled in Chapter 3 of <concepts>, <images>, and <drawings>, and the process of Tane’s thinking to portray <Archaeology of the Future> through architecture is highlighted.

Published work
Estonian National Museum / New National Stadium Plan Old Tomb Stadium / 10kyoto / Wonderground –Denmark Natural Science Museum / Arthur Lambeau Museum / (tentative name) Hiromae City Arts and Cultural Facility / Shibuya Department Store / Kytack Twin Tower / (tentative name) Yokohama Market Project / Senso Headquarters Building / A House for Oiso / Todoroki House in Valley / Fontaine Blow Weekend House / Toraya Paris Store / Luce Tempo Luogo / LIGHT is TIME / time is TIME

Release Date:
November, 2018

Author profile

Tsuyoshi Tane

architect. Born in Tokyo in 1979.
Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Tokai University, Hokkaido in 2002.
In 2003, he was a visiting researcher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
He worked at Henning Larsen, David Ajay’s office,
He founded Drell Godme Tane (DGT) in Paris, France.
After 10 years of activity at DGT., He became independent as Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects in 2017.
Currently, many projects are underway around the world, mainly in Europe and Japan.
His major works include (2006–16), (2014–15),
(2014) (above DGT.), <(Tentative name) Hirosaki City Arts and Culture Facility> (2017–), etc.
Participated in the 2012 New National Stadium Basic Concept International Design Competition (when Zaha Hadid was selected),
He has gained international attention for being selected as a finalist at the Kofun Stadium.
He is the French Agency for Cultural Affairs Emerging Architect Award (2007), French Foreign Architecture Award Grand Prix (2016),
He has received numerous awards, including the 67th Art Award, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Newcomer Award (2017). He has been teaching at Columbia University GSAPP since 2012.

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