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This book is a book for walking in Tokyo while enjoying the architecture unique to the Showa period.
Original Tower mansion, Showa cutting-edge studio, round windows like a spaceship, tiles with shining craftsmanship, buildings and condominiums that leave a strong Showa scent. 48 famous buildings in Tokyo such as cool and lovable buildings and condominiums born during the high growth period.

[table of contents]
Area 1 Marunouchi / Hibiya / Shinbashi area
Shinbashi Station Building Buildings 1 and 2
New Shimbashi Building
Yurakucho Building
Shin-Yurakucho Building
International Building
Shin-Tokyo Building
Imperial Theater
Nissay Theater Hibiya Building
Chiyoda Ward Hibiya Library & Museum
NTT Kasumigaseki Building
NTT Hibiya Building
Yakult Headquarters Building
Shizuoka Press / Shizuoka Broadcasting Tokyo Branch Building
Nakagin Capsule Tower Building
Casa Aio

Area 2 Shibuya / Meguro area
Meguro Ward General Government Building
Tokyo Sanuki Club
Hidekazu Aoyama Residence
Nogi Kaikan
United Church of Christ in Japan Tokyo Yamate Church
Villa Bianca
Villa Serena
Villa Moderna
From First Building
International House of Japan
Daikanyama Hillside Terrace
Catholic Meguro Church / St. Anselmo Church

Area 3 Area around Ueno / Imperial Palace
Palace Side Building
Miyazaki Prefecture Tokyo Building
National Museum of Western Art
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Anstitut Francais Tokyo
Athens Francais
National Diet Library
Chidorigafuchi War Dead Cemetery

Area 4 Shinjuku / Yotsuya area
Catholic Tokyo Cathedral Sekiguchi Church
Yasuyo Building
Kojimachi Building
Kinokuniya Building
Coffee Ron

Area 5 Setagaya area
Komazawa Olympic Park Gymnasium / Control Tower
Komazawa Athletics Stadium
Yukari Bunka Kindergarten
Komazawa University Fukasawa Campus Western-style Building


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September, 2017

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Shunsuke Kurakata

Born in Tokyo. He is an associate professor at Osaka City University. In addition to researching and criticizing the history of architecture, he is working to bring architecture and society closer, such as serving as an executive committee member of the architectural public event “Ikefes Osaka”.

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Shunsuke Kurakata


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