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The late Kazumitsu Sakai, a curator of the Osaka Museum of History, has been published in the trade magazine “Book of Tile”.
Completely recorded 87 times of “New Tile Architecture Exploration” serialized for about 9 years.

From Osaka, Kobe, Tokoname, Kurashiki, Shimonoseki to London, Barcelona, ​​Shanghai,
No matter where you have the tiles.
Exploring tile architecture that has been recorded with your own feet and eyes.

Listed buildings
Osaka club
Matsuyama University Onyama Memorial Hall
Tokyo Camii
Sanda Gakuen Daiichi Dormitory
Osaka Central Public Hall
Former British Consulate of Shimonoseki
World Tile Museum
Cotton Industry Hall
Gallery reunion
Shibakawa Building
Kyoto Art Center
Ura Residence / Nankai Building
Hosono Building
More than 80 locations, including the Sonbun Memorial Hall.

Publishing Committee
Masaaki Yamagata (Osaka / University of Arts), Kazuto Kasahara (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Shunsuke Kurakata (Osaka City University),
Tomoko Hashidera (Kansai University), Shinichi Takaoka (Kinki University), Towao Sakaehara (Osaka Museum of History), Koichi Sawai (Osaka Museum of History)

Release Date:
June, 2020

Author profile

Kazumitsu Sakai

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Graduated from Tokyo University of Science and dropped out of the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Architecture.
1996 Osaka City Museum (at that time), 2013 Osaka Museum of History Chief Curator.
As one of the few curators specializing in architecture in Japan, he has been energetically engaged in research and research on modern and contemporary architecture in Osaka.
We explored the ideal way of architectural exhibition using building materials such as bricks and tiles, not just drawings and models. Died 2018.

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Kazumitsu Sakai


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