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Introducing the architectural works of 101 Japanese designers and architects who are active in various places.

With that in mind, I would like to put together a book that introduces designers and architects who are active every day.
This book is named “Small design and architecture office that creates a comfortable space”.

Many of them think that it is necessary to have a comfortable space with a feeling, comfort, and peace because it is a busy time full of diverse values. First of all, listen carefully to the client’s story, read it deeply, and carefully prepare the space that fits the user one by one. On top of that, we aim to create a laid-back space for housing on the premise of being close to the local environment, and for shops, offices, public facilities, etc., considering the social role of the region, we aim to create a city that is loved over time. ..

Archilab T & M, M & O, Architects Atelier CoCo

Miyagi Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture
Atelier Setuna, Takashi Inoue Architectural Design Office

Fukushima Prefecture

Ibaraki Prefecture
Yoshi Design Design Office

Gunma Prefecture
Chisato Iiyama Architects, Mitsuharu Kojima Architects

Riota Design

Ariiri Air Architects, Kazu Uehara Architects Office, Tetsuya Oi Architects Office, Open Vision, Camp Design inc, gift_, Koishikawa Architects Koishikawa Civil Engineering, Koizumi Studio, Toru Sakuma Architects , Suzuki Kazushi, straight design lab, + ft + / Takahama Fumiko Architects, Dimple Architects, Denda Architects, Nosaku Buntoku Architects, knof, HAGI STUDIO First Class Architects, Seishi Fukuda Yaichi Class Architects Office, Masahiro Hoshida Architects, MOBLEY WORKS, moyadesign, Tetsuo Yamaji Architects, RYO ASO DESIGN OFFICE

Kanagawa Prefecture
First-class architect office ATELIER SUMIYOSHI, Tatehei Ito Architects, Takanori Inayama Architects, KEMURI DESIGN, ZUBO D.I.Y. Laboratory (ZUBO UNIT ZERO), Yuyuki Tanabe Architects, High Architecture

Niigata Prefecture
Akawa Architectural Design Office, Tokaibayashi Ken Architectural Design Office

Toyama Prefecture
Studio Schwari First Class Architect Office, Takuya Nakasai Architectural Design

Ishikawa Prefecture
Ah, no. , Shotaro Okada Architectural Design Office, KELUN, Sway Design, Yoshiyuki Tanishige Architectural Image

Fukui prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture
Atelier Iroha First-class Architect Office, First-class Architect Office studioPEAK1 Takahiro Wada

Nagano Prefecture
Suzuken First Class Architect Office, ReBuilding Center JAPAN

Gifu Prefecture
evergreen, Più Design, Maruyama Architects, Keitaro Muto Architects, Reiji Yasue Architects

Shizuoka Prefecture
Aoki Design Office, WEST COAST DESIGN, Katsura Maruyama Architects, Tsukurito Architects

Aichi prefecture
YLANG YLANG, AIRHOUSE, studio velocity First-class architect office

Mie Prefecture
Super Monkey Project, Yoneda Design Building

Shiga Prefecture
Architectural Design Ieyoshi, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, KAILUA Architectural Design, COLOR LABEL DESIGN OFFICE, Yuichi Kawashima Architects, Takutaku, Haas Architects

Masaharu Tada Atelier

akka, arbol First-class architect office, INTERIOR BOOKWORM CAFÉ, ninkipen! First-class architect office, masayuki takahashi design studio, Mimesis Design

Nara Prefecture
Ippei Komatsu Architectural Design Office, Nahoko Fujioka + Fujioka Architectural Laboratory, Mocha Architects

Wakayama Prefecture
Kenji Ido Building Research Institute, THE OFFICE

Hiroshima Prefecture
Nuff Architect & Design, Hankula Design

Tokushima Prefecture
Wrap Architects

Fukuoka Prefecture
Kitrepe Architectural Design Office, Code Style, Design Office Terminal, Not Equal First Class Architect Office

Saga Prefecture
class archi

Nagasaki Prefecture
HAG environmental design

Kumamoto Prefecture
Toru Yabashi Architectural Design Office

Kagoshima prefecture
Sakai Architects, Nest Architects

Release Date:
August, 2020

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