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How Kengo Kuma’s architecture has evolved, we will classify the fun of each by keyword and introduce it in a pictorial book format with abundant illustrations.

Kengo Kuma, who became the architect of the time, designed the National Stadium, Takanawa Gateway Station, Kadokawa Musashino Museum, etc. one after another. He has been prolific since he was young and has worked on a wide variety of architectural genres.

This book is an excerpt of 50 buildings that should be seen in Japan. We will classify each fun by keyword and introduce it in a pictorial book format with abundant illustrations.

■ Main contents
Binding illustration “Kuma Architectural Evolution Map” “”
Introduction / Table of Contents
Interview | 10 architectures that changed Kengo Kuma (Part 1) There was a time when “M2” became traumatic and I thought “I should fill it”
Part1 “Surprising system” that shows the spirit of service
M2 (currently Tokyo Memolead Hall), water / glass (currently ATAMI Kaihourou), stone museum, national stadium, etc.

Part2 “Moist system” that draws into the story
Nakagawamachi Batohiroshige Museum, Nasu History Exploration Museum, Nezu Museum, Meiji Jingu Museum, etc.

Part3 “Fluffy” that makes everyday life fun
Chozo Square, Aore Nagaoka, Takanawa Gateway Station, Snow Peak LAND STATION HAKUBA, etc.

Part4 “Secret system” that erases the claim of appearance
Kirosan Observatory, Traditional Performing Arts Center “Mori Stage”, Tokyo Midtown Suntory Museum of Art, GINZA KABUKIZA, etc.

Interview | 10 Architectures that Changed Kengo Kuma (Part 2) There is a sense of accomplishment by “adding one” even if it does not appear in the magazine
Kengo Kuma’s selection, 2021 featured work
in conclusion

Release Date:
October, 2021

Author profile

Hiroshi Miyazawa

Editor, illustrator, representative and editor-in-chief of BUNGA NET. Born in Tokyo in 1967.

1990 Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Department of Political Science, and joined Nikkei BP. He is assigned to the editorial department of Nikkei Architecture. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Nikkei Architecture from 2016 to 2019.

Independent in February 2020. Since April 2020, he has co-sponsored Office Bunga with Tatsuo Iso.

In May 2021, he founded BUNGA NET Inc.

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