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A review of 50 famous Japanese buildings guided by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.
This is a completely new collection of Japanese architectural masterpieces composed from a unique perspective of Sugimoto, who researches materials and construction methods from ancient times to the early modern period and works to revive them.

Today, Japanese architecture is attracting attention from all over the world.
Traditional Japanese architecture had a great influence on modernist architecture in the 20th century.
Japanese contemporary architects have won the Pritzker Prize, which is called the “Nobel Prize of the architecture world”, with eight people, the most in the world, along with the United States in their home country.

The guide is Hiroshi Sugimoto, a contemporary artist who opened an artistic architectural facility called <Odawara Cultural Foundation Enoura Observatory> in October 2017.

The Origin of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Architecture

[Rikyu Modern]
Sen no Rikyu Myoki-an Tai-an

[Three major modern Sukiya architects]
Horiguchi Sutemi Hasshokan Miyuki no Zangetsu
Isohachi Yoshida Former Kitamura Residence (Shikunshien)
Togo Murano Miyako Hotel Tokyo, Kyoto Kasuien

[Tea room discussion]
Dialogue: Hiroshi Sugimoto x Terunobu Fujimori Moderator = Sou Fujimoto

[Sukiya construction hobby]
Kitamura Kinjiro Shikunshien

[Master of sukiya carpentry]
Sotoji Nakamura Ise Grand Shrine Tea Room
Masaya Hirata Taikanso
Sukiya Carpenter Master Craftsman List

[Mysterious Sukiya Architect]
Ogi Rodo Gokokuji Fumaiken, Enjoan, Souraian

[Origin of Japanese-style modern house]
Do you know the premature modernist Koji Fujii?
Chochikukyo, Ogawa Residence (ACG Villa Kyoto), Kita Genitsu Residence

[Origin of Rituals]
Munakata Taisha Okitsu Shrine

[Review Kyoto’s famous architecture]
Kyoto me
Rengeo-in Temple Sanjusangendo Hall, Hossho-ji Temple Octagonal nine-storied pagoda

[Origin of Japanese architecture]
Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples
Joruriji Temple, Ishigami Jingu Shrine, Uchiyama Eikyuji Temple Ruins, Mt.
Oshijokuzan Enjoji Temple, Kairyuuoji Temple, Gangoji Temple

[Origin of human consciousness]
Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Pilgrimage to Ancient Burial Mounds
Monju-in West Burial Mound, Sohaka Burial Mound, Tanekubi Burial Mound Kengushizuka Burial Mound, Shobuike Burial Mound, Iwayayama Burial Mound

[Modern Japanese architecture masterpieces]
A Review of Famous Architecture in Tokyo Seiichi Shirai The Shoto Museum of Art, Shibuya
Imperial Guard Division Headquarters Building (National Kinbi Annex), Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery, Takemura

[Modern Japanese architecture masterpieces]
10 selections of modern Japanese style
Katsura Imperial Villa, Kosuge Prison Administration Building, Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple, Oshima Weather Station, Hounenike Dam,
Hotel Okura Tokyo Lobby, Nissay Theater, Kunizo Hara Residence (Hara Museum of Contemporary Art),
Nishimura House (Nishimura Memorial Hall), Sado Grand Hotel

[History of the rise and fall of the Tokyo National Museum]
Tokyo National Museum

[Contemporary architecture in Japan]
Japanese star architects.
Tadao Ando Church of Light
SANAA 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Yoshio Taniguchi Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art
Arata Isozaki Hara Museum ARC

Odawara Art Foundation Enoura Observatory

Do you know the New Material Research Laboratory?
Uchiha outside
MOA Museum of Art
Guesthouse Wagokoro

Release Date:
September, 2020

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