Guide : How to bulid the World Heritage Cabanon de Le Corbusier

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This book summarizes Cabanon de Le Corbusier (Cabanon de vacances), which is also designated as a World Heritage Site, from actual measurements in France to construction in Japan.

Many detailed design documents are posted, and the state of the construction process is also introduced in detail with photos and illustrations.
Furthermore, as a study edition, I will explain in detail why this building is attractive.
You can find out everything about the Cabanon de vacances in this one book.

■ Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction / Research
・About Cabanon de vacances

Chapter 2: Actual Measurement/Measuring
・On-site measurements and tools for actual measurements

Chapter 3: Drawings/Drawing
・Draft based on actual measurements
・Hardware, etc.

Chapter 4: Construction / Build
・From original design to on-site measurements and production drawings
·Process sheet
・1 Temporary construction, land, ground work
・2 Preliminary preparation for reinforcing steel, concrete, and wooden framework construction
・3 Wooden framing work
・4 Wooden framing and roof construction
・5 Fitting frame work
・6 Exterior wall base/floor construction
・7 Exterior wall finish
・8 Fitting work
・9 Interior work
・10 Painting work
・11 Furniture work
・12 Metal and miscellaneous work
・ Atelier production
・Cemetery production
・Completed replica on the campus of Monotsukuri University

Chapter 5: Consideration/Consideration
・Analysis and discussion of Cabanon de vacances
・Chronology of Corbusier
・List of World Heritage Sites
・ Cabanon de vacances was born in just 45 minutes
・The strangeness of the approach leading to Cabanon de vacances
・A cave dug into a cliff
・Layout plan with 1 + 1 = 3
・Analysis of cross-sections and elevations
・The role of the anterior chamber as a buffer area
・Illuminated wall ・Reflective floor
・Various line of sight, framed windows
・Placement of windows to create wind paths
・Openings corresponding to the elements of the natural world
– Showable furniture and hidden storage
・Color scheme
・Darkness and light in the womb space
・Center of gravity of light ・Illuminated space
・The joint between the wall and the ceiling ─ it’s just a joint, but it’s a joint ─
・Pierced window
・Human scale called modulor
・Integration of architecture and painting: outward-facing wall paintings and inward-facing frontispieces
・Beauty near rationality
・Dual contrast between cosmos and chaos
・ Common points with “small house”
The words of a disciple of Corbusier
・Words of Corbusier

Chapter 6: Materials
・Measurement survey and inspection of Cap Martin
・To Cap Martin ─ Surrounding environment that complements the small space ─
・From Gare de Cap-Martin to the vacation hut
・Architecture around Cabanon de vacances
・Go through the village of Roque Brune to the tombstone
・Walk around
・Look around the building
・Cabanon de vacances drawing collection
・Cabanon de vacances drawing collection
・Let’s make Cabanon de vacances with “Origami-e” (origami architecture)
・Le Corbusier, The Genes of Thought

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March, 2023

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