From the Films of Harry Potter THE BLUEPRINTS

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The blueprint of the world’s most famous magic school, finally published! All drawings, concept sketches, and designs related to the art and sets that appear in the 8 Harry Potter films will be unveiled for the first time. Impressive architecture, interiors, decorations, props, and more.

From the majestic Hogwarts Castle modeled after Christchurch to Professor Snape’s Cauldron, Hogsmeade Station, Honeydukes, and Hogs Head, the 260 pages of intricate blueprints and set production secrets invite readers on a magical journey.

Hagrid’s hut was built in two different sizes!
The classroom where Harry learns the spell of Expect Patronum is a reuse of the principal’s office!?
Real stone (York stone) is used for the floor of the hall,
Full of explanations by creators such as!
It is a special book that allows you to enjoy the charm of the magical world.

“With this book, even Muggles can build a wizarding school (Hogwarts).”
Background graphic designer, illustrator Seiji Yoshida
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table of contents
Chapter 1 Hogwarts Castle (Grand Square; Gryffindor common room and boys’ dormitory; Slytherin common room, etc.)
Chapter 2 Hogwarts Grounds (Hagrid’s Hut; Quidditch Arena; Whomping Willow, etc.)
Chapter 3 Hogsmeade Village (Hogwarts Express; Hogsmeade Station; Three Broomsticks, etc.)

Release Date:
December, 2022

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