Designing Public Spaces, Creating a Community

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This publication is full of ideas for creating spaces that connect people and create community.

In recent years, as people seek sustainable lifestyles that integrate into the community and coexist with diverse values, an increasing number of unique facilities have been created to foster community building and connect people, such as facilities utilizing closed schools and day-care centers/cafes. This book introduces the space design and graphic tools of facilities in Japan and abroad, from community centers to unique cultural facilities.

[Examples of facilities featured in the book]
Racine Farm to Park (Minami Ikebukuro Park), a public space transformed by inviting restaurants
Cafe & Living UCHIDA, a third place for the child-rearing generation
STYLE-B, a cycle store with a grocery store and laundromat under the elevated railway tracks
BnA Alter Museum,” a state-of-the-art lodging-type museum
“YUKUSA OSUMI SEA SCHOOL”, a hands-on facility utilizing an abandoned school “TSURUMI KIDS HOSPICE,” a hospice for children with intractable diseases open to the community
Folkehuset Absalon, a community space remodeled from a church (Denmark)
Tachikawa Children’s Future Center, a public-private partnership for childcare support
“Kraftwerk Zurich”, the latest type of shared office overseas (Switzerland)


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April, 2020

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