Casa BRUTUS Special Edition (New Edition): Onsen 200

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Introducing 200 of Japan’s best hot springs. This is a completely preserved guide to hot springs.

When you visit a hot spring resort in search of healing, you will be welcomed by open-air baths surrounded by nature, meals featuring local specialties, cozy interiors, and heartfelt hospitality.
Onsen are designed in every detail to heal the body and soul and allow you to relax to your heart’s content.

A new hot spring that makes the most of the natural landscape is the talk of the town.
Kai Poroto/Yugawara Soyu Books & Retreat/Soyu Terrace/Entô

1. Architect
Visit a hot spring resort designed by famous architects.
Shigeru Ban/Kengo Kuma/Tadao Ando
Long-established ryokan/day-trip hot spring spa by master architects
There are many more hot springs designed by architects.

2. Design
Evolving design onsen.
Art Yunoyama Sosiki-Ie/Galleria Midohara/Hotel Key Forest Hokuto
Luxury Amanem/The Ritz-Carlton Nichi/ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts
View Zaoborin / Park Hyatt Niseko HANAZONO / Solano Hotel / Miwa Yugawara
Renovation Matsumoto Jucho/Yamagataza Takiha/Kofu Yubin Beniya etc.

Onsen inns that have mastered the art of gastronomy.
Esashi Ryotei Gunrai / THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota / arcana izu / ryugon / Otogi-no-yado Yoneya etc.
Food journalist P’s goal for the trip is this dish!

4. Landscape
A hot spring with a spectacular view, where you become one with nature.
Kumano Villa Nakanoshima/UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI/Iki Retreat Kairi Murakami/Hakone Retreat fore/Fufu Kawaguchiko etc.
Myoken Ishihara-so Nakamura Yoshifumi talks about “Designing Onsen

5. Omotenashi
New hospitality at an inn.
Yasushi Machida x Hakone Honbako
Minori Kai x bar hotel Hakone Kozan
Kundo Koyama x Asaba
Experience the hospitality of a “Japanese Ryokan” at Hoshinoya Tokyo.
Travel journalist Hiroko Ishii selects a hotel that offers a new kind of hospitality.

6. Favorite
His/her regular hot spring resort.
Tsune Nagasaka’s Jyoso Walk ~Kyosaki Onsen
Hot Spring Lover’s Setjuku
15 creators’ regular hot spring resorts.

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December, 2021

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