Beautiful overseas architecture built by a Japanese architect

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Visiting famous overseas buildings designed by Japanese famous architects.Contains 55 beautiful buildings such as museums, theaters, skyscrapers, office buildings, stadiums, apartment houses, mansions, and schools.

Introducing beautiful overseas architecture created by young to great architects.

Tadao Ando, ​​a Mexican cultural complex “Casa Wabi” with a roof made of palma palm on concrete that makes you feel the “chic” of Japanese people.
Tsuyoshi Tane, “Estonian National Museum” created with the concept of connecting the memory of the place to the future.
Toyo Ito, “Taichung National Opera House”, a building like a human body full of breath of art.
White tree “Larble Blanc” in Montpellier, Southern France, with balcony branches extending from all houses Sosuke Fujimoto. etc …
The world is dotted with spectacular buildings.

[Baroque International Museum Puebla] Toyo Ito
[Estonian National Museum] Tsuyoshi Tane
[V & A Dundee] Kengo Kuma & Associates
[Louvre-Lens] SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa)
[Museum of Modern Art, New York] Yoshio Taniguchi
[Yangcheng Lake Passenger Collection Center /  Yangcheng Lake Tourism Collection Center ] Kengo Kuma Architects
[Nomadic Museum] Shigeru Ban
[Aga Khan Museum] Fumihiko Maki
[China Wetland Museum] Arata Isozaki
[La Seine Musicale] Shigeru Ban
[Punta della Dogana] Tadao Ando
[A Coruña Human Science Museum] Arata Isozaki
[ROLEX Learning Center] SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa)
[Swatch Omega] Shigeru Ban
[Team Disney Building] Arata Isozaki
[RGS Center, University of Monterey] Tadao Ando, ​
[Taichung National Opera Institute] Toyo Ito
[Pompidou Center Metz] Shigeru Ban
[Paper Basilica] Shigeru Ban
[Aspen Museum] Shigeru Ban
[The Exchange] Kengo Kuma & Associates Architects
[Marseille Contemporary Art Center] Kengo Kuma Architects
[Darius Milhaud Conservatory] Kengo Kuma Architects
[Honbroich Langen Museum] Tadao Ando
[Shanghai Holy Grand Theater] Tadao Ando
[Fort Worth Museum of Contemporary Art] Tadao Ando
[New Action Nishi Building (Residential Building)] Makoto Tanijiri / Ai Yoshida (SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE)
[Larble Blanc] Sou Fujimoto
[Torres Porta Fira] Toyo Ito
[Naoka Center L’avenue Shanghai] Jun Aoki
[Vitra Factory Building] SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa)
[Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center] Norihiko Dan
[Qatar National Convention Center] Arata Isozaki
[Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Revitalization Plan] Norihiko Dan
[The Circle-Zurich International Airport] Riken Yamamoto Design Factory
[Kaohsiung National Stadium] Toyo Ito
[Palau Sant Jordi] Arata Isozaki
[St. Petersburg Football Stadium] Kisho Kurokawa
[Tianjin Museum] Shin Takamatsu
[Lotte World] Kisho Kurokawa
[Tianjin Library] Riken Yamamoto Design Factory + Tianjin City Planning and Design Research Institute
[M WOODS Art Company District] B.L.U.E.Architectural Design Office (Shuhei Aoyama + Yoko Fujii)
[Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2002] Toyo Ito
[Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2019] Junya Ishigami
[Zolferin School] SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa)
[Vienna University of Economics and Business New Campus] Hitoshi Abe
[Forest Valley Hot spring Center] B.L.U.E. Architects (Shuhei Aoyama + Yoko Fujii)
[Maggie’s Center South West Wales] Kisho Kurokawa
[Monterrey House] Tadao Ando
[Casa Wabi] Tadao Ando
[Takeya Great (Bamboo) Wall ] Kengo Kuma Architects
[Former Prime Minister’s Office in Georgia] Shin Takamatsu
[Singapore Flyer] Kisho Kurokawa
[UOB Plaza] Kenzo Tange
[Liberal Arts & Science College] Coelacanth and Associates (Kazuhiro Kojima, Kasuko Akamatsu)

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October, 2020

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