Architect Junzo Sakakura – Challenge to Urban Design Beginning with Postwar Reconstruction

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A closer look at Junzo Sakakura’s urban design! This book introduces Junzo Sakakura’s many department store architectures in all colors.

Junzo Sakakura is an architect who studied under Le Corbusier, a master of modernist architecture. Through his activities, this book introduces the history of architecture and urbanism in the postwar reconstruction and the urban infrastructure design that he attempted through department store architecture, including Takashimaya, to direct the flow of people into the city.

This book shows that his department store architecture, which has not been widely known until now, became a foothold for urban design and a cornerstone of Sakakura’s design, leading to such masterpieces as the Tokyu Shibuya Terminal and Shinjuku West Exit Plaza.

◉ Contains over 100 valuable drawings, photographs, and documents.
◉ Examples: Japan Pavilion at the Paris Expo, Takashimaya Wakayama Branch, Takashimaya Osaka (New Broad Floor), Nankai Kaikan, Tokyu Kaikan, Shinjuku West Exit Plaza

Introduction: Junzo Sakakura’s encounter with Takashimaya and his work before World War II
0-1 The Japanese Pavilion at the Paris World Exposition
0-2 “Selection, Tradition, and Creation” exhibition
0-3 Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Chapter I Takashimaya Wakayama Branch
I-1 Takashimaya Wakayama Branch
interview1 Reflections on the architecture of Junzo Sakakura Architectural Institute and Takashimaya Tadayoshi Fujiki
I-2 Collaboration between Takashimaya and Sakakura 1940-1957

Chapter II Takashimaya Osaka Store
II-1 The New Takashimaya Osaka Namba Building and New Broad Floor
II-2 Nankai Kaikan

Chapter III From Architecture to Urban Design
III-1 Shibuya Tokyu Hall
Interview2 Documenting the Transformation of Cities: shuji Yamada
III-2 Shinjuku West Exit Plaza and Underground Parking Lot
Reminiscence of Shinjuku Station West Exit Square – Tokuichi Yoshimura
interview3 Architect Takamitsu Azuma’s Shinjuku West Exit Square and Tower House – Toshie Azuma

Release Date:
December, 2021

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Hiroshi Matsukuma

Architect. Born in 1957. After graduating from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1980, joined Kunio Maekawa Architectural Design Office. Since 2008 he has been a professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology. He is a doctor of engineering (University of Tokyo).

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