Abandoned book – Ruins Maniacs!

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A book containing photographs and written records of 13 people who were fascinated by the world view of the ruins, searching for each object one by one.

[Abandoned Communist Bloc] Ai Hoshino / Forbidden Fruit Tastes of Red Rust──Remains of the Old Communist Bloc
[Abandoned Love Hotel] Ayumi Nabe / Unique to Japan!! Treasure Box of Sexual Culture Before Showa Love Hotels
[Disappear Bookhouse] Yogoren / The truth of 18 years of erotic bookhouses revealed for the first time
[Abandoned village] Akio Asahara Team HEYANEKO / Seeking traces and encounters of the past in an abandoned village
[Aerial photography ruins] Masahiro Kobayashi Drone Japan / Bird’s eye view A new appearance of the emerging ruins
[Ruins] Kiyoshiro / From the ruins on the ground to the dark underground world ── Record of the decaying world
[Ruins / Ruins game] Wakaba Ren / Crossover of real ruins and digital ruins Ruins Magical Power of the World
[Scrapped Cars] Crime Verges / An Enchanting Scrapped Car World No One Knows Kusahiro Biboroku
[Ruins / Ruined Scenery] People of Hokkaido / Before People’s Memories and Feelings Decay Ruins and Ruined Scenery
[Abandoned Toilet] Yusuzu Yukimura / Welcome Abandoned Toilets World!!
[Abandoned arcade] Supiko Kawakita / Remnants of the old days on the street ─ Walking through the Showa arcade
[Green ruins] Jun Nakasuji / This is the womb of life and a contemporary art museum Green regeneration and ruined art

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April, 2023

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