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A collection book of the manga “Sugar Sugar Rune”. A magic book with gold leaf on leather-like white, a magic world mail order book that faithfully reproduces the heart shape, and of course, the design inside, it is a book that is particular about details.

The magical world map, rooms, and magic items drawn by Moyoco Anno can only be seen in this book.

What’s the big picture of the demon world? What’s happening in the rooms of chocolate and vanilla? What about beauty and fashion? What is the meaning of stick stones? Introducing Sugar Rune’s “want to know” world in a fashionable and cute way. I will.
Includes plenty of drawings such as Makai map, Ogle map, and magic items that did not appear in the manga!
Characters you didn’t know may appear ?!
The beautifully reproduced heart-shaped Makai mail order book is a must!

Release Date:
April, 2020

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Moyoco Anno

manga artist. Born in 1971. There are works such as “Hataraki Man”, “Sakuran”, and “Happy Mania”. Received the 29th Kodansha Manga Award for “Sugar Sugar Rune”. Received the 23rd Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award for “Recollection of the Gentleman under the Nose”.

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Moyoco Anno

1 review for Sugar Sugar Rune Collection Book -Moyoco Anno

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    I’ve always loved the world of Sugar Rune since I became an adult, and I thought that this book would be a wonderful book, so I bought it.
    As a result, I’m glad I bought it !!

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