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A collection of dynamic lines drawn by Osamu Tezuka for animation!

This book is a visual book composed of works that have not been recorded in books or mooks, such as storyboards and original drawings, centered around the idea sketches of animation works Osamu Tezuka left.

In the anime edition, you can enjoy Tezuka’s lively writing, including old and new “Astro Boy” and special animations on 24-hour TV, as well as experimental animations and unpublished works that have not been announced yet. I will.

An on-parade of fantasy Tezuka’s works that readers rarely see. It is a valuable collection of works that approaches the source of Tezuka Osamu’s creations.

■ TV animation
Astro Boy 1963
Shin treasure island 1965
Jetter Mars 1977
Astro Boy 1980
Blue blink 1989
Jungle the Great 1989
Bible story 1997

■Special TV animation series
Submarine Super Limited Marine Express 1979
Bremen 4 Angels in Hell 1981
Nature’s Beast Bagi 1984

■ Theater animation
Thousand and One Nights Story 1969
Firebird 1978
World Masterpiece Fairy Tale Oyayubihime 1978
Firebird 2772 Cosmo Zone of Love 1980

■Experimental animation
Painting at the exhibition 1966
Forest Legend PART-1 1988
Self-portrait 1988

■Pilot film/Corporate animation
W3 (Wonder Three) 1965
Plan for “Mushi Proland” 1963
Burunga I 1968
Iceberg Mieske 1970
Blue Triton 1971
Mansion OBA 1972
Brave Fire S09 1987
70 years after Okazaki 1987
International Flower and Green Expo Human Evolution 1990
Unpublished project

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February, 2018

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Osamu Tezuka

Born on November 3, 1928 in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Spent boyhood in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Osaka University School of Medicine. medical doctor. Debuted in 1946 with “Maachan’s Diary”. 1947 “Shintoshima” became a big hit. Since then, he has been dedicated to establishing Japanese story manga. He has also made great achievements in the animation world.

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