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The evolution of manga and anime exhibitions, distinct from traditional art exhibitions, is revealed here. Unveiled are the creative innovations that no one has taught before.

This includes seven practical examples by the leading figure of the Venice Biennale’s “Otaku” exhibition (Seiun Award winner), complete with diagrams.

Exhibitions of Manga, Anime, Games, and Tokusatsu
Case Study: The British Museum’s special exhibition “The Citi exhibition Manga”
1) Japonism 2018 “MANGA↔TOKYO” Exhibition
2) Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition, Japan Pavilion “Otaku: Persona = Space = City”
3) “Magical Girl Madoka Magica Life-Size Original Animation Drawing Exhibition”
4) “Little Witch Academia and Anime Mirai – The Magic of Drawing in Life-Size Original Animation Drawings” Exhibition
5) “The World of Little Witch Academia: A New Trend in Media Mix Originating from Anime” Exhibition
6) “Hideo Azuma’s Beautiful Girl Laboratory” Exhibition
7) “Mitsuru Sugaya Exhibition: ‘Game Center Arashi’ and Hobby Manga”
Design of Manga and Anime Exhibitions: Permanent Exhibitions of Manga, Anime, Games, and Tokusatsu

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January, 2024

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Kaichiro Morikawa

Born in 1971. Associate Professor at the School of International Japanese Studies, Meiji University, specializing in Japanese manga, anime, and games, as well as architectural design theory. Completed graduate studies in architecture at Waseda University. After serving as a special appointed professor at the Kuwasawa Design School, assumed the current position in 2008. Author of works such as “The Birth of Miyako of Interest: Moeru Toshi Akihabara” (Gentosha, 2003). Winner of the Seiun Award at the Japan SF Convention for the Japanese Pavilion at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, “OTAKU: persona=space=city” (2004, Italy). Curated and designed exhibitions such as “Hideo Azuma’s Beautiful Girl Laboratory” (2011, Meiji University Museum), “Little Witch Academia and Anime Mirai: The Magic of Drawing in Life-Sized Key Animation” (2014, Arts Chiyoda 3331), and Japonism 2018 “MANGA↔TOKYO” (2018, France). Involved in the establishment of the “Yonezawa Yoshihiro Memorial Library,” a specialized library for manga and subculture at Meiji University, and in the planning of a future comprehensive archive facility for manga, anime, games, and special effects.

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